Sport Stacking

As you may know we are introducing ‘Partnership Records’ as a fun event and it can also hit the personal challenge aspect of School Games Mark. We don’t think we will break any world records but we will set a Partnership Record which we can then go on to break the following year.
Here is the general outline of the different challenges.
-You can take part in as many or few world records as you want.
-All entries must be verified by an adult.
-Entries to be sent to Charlie as often as you like.
-If you can send the child’s first name and surname initial, year group, what event they did and the result they got that would be great.
-Charlie will then update the website with the results.
-A link to the results page will also be included in our newsletters each half term.
If you want to learn how to teach them correctly then you can look on the Speed Stacks UK website. just scroll down and there are videos on how to teach each of the routines.
Learn, Improve, Compete! Feel a sudden urge to stack? Can’t wait to get your Speed Stacks and StackMat in ready position? Got stacking on the brain?
I hope this makes perfect sense!
Result sheets have been emailed out which make it easy for you to submit your results to us, just send these back to Charlie when completed.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.