School Website Reports

As you will be aware, school websites must conform to certain standards set by the Department for Education for the purposes of Ofsted.  Ofsted Inspectors require specific information prior to visiting a school and will rely upon the school's website to provide this information. As you can appreciate, if this information is not up to date, the inspector will not have a clear picture of the school before visiting.

We have created a simple to follow compliance report and action plan to help you easily bring your website in line with the DfE requirements. The compliance report is a thorough evaluation of your website and the action plan provides you with the following information:

  1. Essential Recommendations
  2. Checks for statutory requirements including examination of files, including Pupil Premium content.
  3. General Recommendations
  4. General Housekeeping
  5. Layout
  6. Spelling and Grammar

Once a report has been published and changes made, the school will receive a ‘School Website Compliant Logo’ to place on your website.

The price for this comprehensive report on your website is:

Primary Schools - £195.00 ex VAT

Secondary Schools – £215.00 ex VAT