Tim Majewicz

Tim has worked in a wide variety of areas, all the time getting into more technical roles. Initially starting in back office and payroll support 15 years ago he finally started working for Peterborough City Council as a hardware technician while he finished his degree. After two and a half years working as a contractor, he successfully applied for the role of Schools Technician and found a role he fit very well. Often working alone, he became a jack of all trades happily supporting many schools. A year ago he left the company and then recently joined Improve it where he has found a new home, somewhere where he is enjoying the new work.

Tim spends a lot of time working and playing with computers in his spare time, often causing issues for server managers as he builds expansive structures in Minecraft and Ark: Survival Evolved. He also likes to cook and does some homebrewing. He has a growing interest in history, particularly medieval and dark ages and has done some re-enactments in the past. He is convinced his cats are plotting to remove him and he is probably right.