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PE Subscription

The Witchford School Sports Partnership (Witchford SSP) works with and supports the young people and staff within 52 primary schools, 7 secondary schools and 3 special schools in the East Cambs and Fenland District. Witchford SSP was established in September 2004 through the government funded national PE School Sport & Club Links programme and since then has been hosted and very well supported by Witchford Village College.

Our vision is that all young people should receive high quality Physical Education (PE) lessons as well as have access to an outstanding range of extra-curricular sport and physical activity opportunities both on their school site and within their local community.

To help achieve this we provide a range of services to schools including training for school staff, expert coaching for extra-curricular clubs, high quality sports competitions, in school support through our primary PE specialists and opportunities for sports leadership and volunteering.

Since the cuts to government funding for PE and School Sport, the partnership has undergone a process of structural change. We are delighted that from September 2011 the Partnership has sustained itself via funding and support from our partner schools and other externally secured funds. Although we have changed the way we work our mission remains the same.

‘To support schools to deliver high quality PE and school sport through a coordinated local delivery system, ensuring via collaborative partnering that local needs are met and the greatest benefit is felt by all children and young people.’

The Partnership offers a popular and successful subscription service to schools to support them with delivering high quality PE and to enrich sporting opportunities for all young people. The subscription offer is varied and flexible with a core package of support, designed to suit the needs of all schools. On top of this, we have a menu of ‘Additional Services’ which provide a wide range of opportunities for you school. The Partnership also employs an extremely experienced Primary PE Specialist who provides in-school support to schools.

IT Support

Scheduled IT support visits with included services such as File Server Support.

PE Competitions

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