OAA Challenge

During the Autumn term 2020, many schools from across the Partnership got outside and active using our brand new OAA resources targeting three age groups; KS1, Year 3/4, and Year 5/6.

All of the activities involved children working within their teams to complete challenges. The challenges encouraged children to get active while developing key OAA skills.

One huge benefit of these activities is the social interaction between the children in their groups, supporting one another, being kind to one another, and achieving success together.

Here are some photos of some of the schools getting involved in the activities, we hope you all had a great time, thank you for sharing your photos!

Below is the link to the certificate for schools to download and give or send to their children to recognise their achievement.

OAA Participation

Just a reminder that although this event was in our Autumn term calendar, the resources are still available for you to access at any time! It is so important to get outside and active so why not do it in the Spring term instead? 

The resources can be found here.