Athletics – Sportshall Pentathlon

This was a competition which involved whole classes/bubbles of children completing their personal best at 5 athletics activities including a shuttle run, speed bounce, vertical jump, standing long jump and chest push.

Although the events were individual, all the results went together to obtain a team score which was compared to other schools across our Partnership and also the county. We would like to say a huge well done to all the staff and children who undertook this Pentathlon Challenge! A special mention should go to our Partnership winners in each of the age categories; 

Year 3/4 winners: Kingsfield Primary School 

Year 5/6 winners: Robert Arkenstall Primary School 

Year 7/8 winners (boys and girls): Cromwell Community College 

Across the county there were some really high overall team scores so huge congratulations to Kingsfield Year 3/4 team for finishing 8th in the county and Friday Bridge for finishing 10th in the county! In the Year 5/6 county competition our winners Robert Arkenstall came an incredible 5th and Kingsfield came 14th – fantastic work teams!

In the secondary county competition huge congratulations to Cromwell on their 3rd place finish! We are so proud of all the schools and children who took part – thank you for your hard work and for representing your school and Partnership so wonderfully!