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Schools, individuals, and families from across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough have been sharing  how they are staying healthy, by taking part in our 4 week long Healthy Selfie campaign.

Keeping active is so important for our mental health, this campaign was all about coming together to encourage and support each other to get active.

Each week had a new theme and a new focus, all you had to do was take a photo of yourself/selves while doing something healthy! One theme was to get outdoors in the fresh air, another was to set yourself a personal best, whatever the theme it was a wonderful chance to stay connected. Activities which people did included some lovely wintery and wet walks, puddle jumping, garden games, healthy cooking, zoom fitness sessions and tree climbing.

We really enjoyed seeing your selfies, thank you so much for letting us see them, it was wonderful to know that although we can’t come together at one of our large competitions at the moment, we are still working together across the partnership and county to look after our physical and mental wellbeing.

The County report is also available to read over on the Cambs and Peterborough School Games website, click here to take a look!

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